Xootr News – Summer 2014

Hope you had a happy summer. Let’s start off September with a bit of back-to-school story time.

How did Copenhagen create a bicycling culture?

This month, I dropped my son off for a fall semester of study abroad in Copenhagen. One of the most striking features of the city is the bike culture. About half of Copenhagen’s residents use a bicycle on any given day. This is remarkable because although Copenhagen is flat, is cold in winter,¬†gets a lot of rain, has nasty winds, and is full of narrow streets. One might assume that the city has a very long history of bicycle use, going back to say the 1900s when bicycles first became widely available. Not so. The remarkable use of bicycles is the result of efforts applied only over the past 40 years or so. Some call it culture, but mostly the culture is the result of impeccable care, deliberate experimentation, and continuous improvement in the actual design of the infrastructure that supports bicycling. The net result is that bicycling is just a better transportation solution than the other alternatives.

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  • Why using a folding bike as a commuter bike is pure magic.
    Let’s talk about how a folding bike beats your average road bike by miles as a daily office commuter. Just think: no wrestling your big bulky road bike through heavy office doors, lugging it onto an elevator, or worse – letting it sit outside, locked to a pole for eight hours just waiting for thieves. With a folding bike, it’s just fold and go, right under your desk!
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Let’s end our summer update with our most popular post on social media: this Xootr Swift folding bike transformed into an ultimate single-speed summer cruiser!

Single Speed Xootr Swift

Click the pic to learn about the custom parts added to build this masterpiece.